Natural FM 97.9 ( formerly Home Radio)

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Natural FM 97.9 FM Philippines – Manila

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97.9 Natural FM


Savor life with good music and good vibes everyday as Natural 97.9 Manila plays the hottest hits of today 24/7 (Contemporary Hit Radio). Targeting the age bracket 15 to 29 years old, 60% female and 40% male. Experience the unique flavor and engaging interactive programs from hip hosts: Pineapple Joe, Juan Banana, Braggy Orange, Marco Avocado, Rico Mango, Adam Apple, and celebrity musicians, Jimmy Bondoc, and Duncan Ramos.


Natural 97.9’s program line up include: Pinoy Music Salad, The Double J’s Breakfast Show, Braggy Brunch Show, Music Buffet, Halo Halo Hits, and, The R&B show.

Heard nationwide, Natural 97.9, operates with 8 provincial stations namely:

  •  Natural 93.5 Cagayan de Oro
  • Natural 106.7 Cebu
  • Natural 89.3 Dagupan
  • Natural 98.7 Davao
  • Natural 98.3 General Santos
  • Natural 89.5 Iloilo
  • Natural 92.3 Legazpi
  • Natural 95.1 Naga

Soon, another station shall open in Palawan.

Unlike other FM stations, Natural’s music sets the perfect tone for work, play, or simply being entertained at home. Natural 97.9 playing today’s hottest hits 24/7.

3 thoughts on “Natural FM 97.9 ( formerly Home Radio)

  1. I used to love 97.9 when they just play music all day…but now all i here are talking DJ’s… very irritating specially when you’re in an office. The Dj’s usually just laugh out load and just talk non sense or just chatting with their co-DJ’s. What happened??? This station usually the best station when you are working.

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